21 February 2019
QForm Seminar. Turin
Seminar dedicated to latest developments in numerical simulation of metal forming and heat treatment processes will take place in Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy.
15 February 2019
QForm Seminar. Taiwan
We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in virtual manufacturing at modern forging companies to participate in seminar which will take place in Taichung city, Taiwan.
17 January 2019
QForm Seminar. Krakow
Simulation of microstructure evolution and heat treatment in QForm during metal forming processes
22 January 2019
QForm Seminar. Turkey
Advanced solutions for virtual manufacturing. Prediction of defects and product quality prior to production.
13-15 November 2018
QForm at EUROFORGE conFAIR 2018 in Germany. O. Bylya (AFRC) will make a report «Hot forging simulation: flow instability, heat treatment, microstructure and damage»
13-16 November 2018
Metal-Expo’2018 in Russia
QForm at booth 1B78 at International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo’2018 in Russia
9-11 October 2018
QForm Extrusion Seminar. Düsseldorf. 9-11 October 2018
Seminar will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany on 9-11 October 2018 at booth 12J35 during the 12th World Trade Fair & Conference «ALUMINIUM 2018».
6 July 2018
19th ADA Users’ Conference 2018
QForm software will be presented at the conference in Japan.
6 June 2018
QForm Extrusion Seminar. Moscow. 6 June 2018
Seminar will take place on 6 June 2018 within the 6th Conference and Exhibition «Aluminium-21/EXTRUSION» in Moscow, Russia.
20 March 2018
QForm Seminar. Hanoi
We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in metal forming simulation to participate in seminar which will take place on 20 March 2018 in Hanoi University of Industry in Hanoi, Vietnam.