Celebrating our 25th anniversary!

We are very pleased to celebrate our 25th anniversary of QForm software with our customers and partners. To mark this special milestone, we are offering a special upgrade promotion which will allow users of other simulation software to upgrade to the leading metal forming simulation software QForm. Contact us for more detailed information and how to get the QForm license.

QuantorForm Ltd. started in 1991 and presented FORM-2D fully automated mathematic simulation program. The first night of FORM-2D in the international environment took place during an independent test held at the International Metal Forming Process Simulation Conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, on September 28 thru 30, 1994.
More than 25 year experience of the QForm software development based on customers and partners wishes and feedback allowed us to create an innovative complex solution for research and manufacture in metal forming industry.

Look at QForm experience from 1991 to nowadays