The 49th ICFG Plenary Meeting on September 4-7 in Germany

The 49th International Cold Forming Group (ICFG) Plenary Meeting took place on 4-7 of September, 2016 in Stuttgart. Institut für Umformtechnik (IFU Stuttgart) held the conference this year. More than 100 participants visited the event.

The results of cooperative investigation by IFU Stuttgart, IKT Stuttgart and QuantorForm Ltd. regarding the simultaneous processing of metal and plastic using full forward extrusion were presented at the Conference. The main aim of this investigation was determination of the predictive accuracy of the forward extrusion of aluminum and noncompact polyethylene with QForm software.

Representative of QuantorForm Ltd. Dmitry Gerasimov officially awarded Mr. Karl Christoph Grötzinger (University of Stuttgart) the winner of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging Technologies 2016.