AL- XXI/ Aluminium Extrusion, Tooling and Finishing. New Decade Challenges

In June 2021 RAEA is going to hold 3 Technical Seminars on Aluminum Extrusion, Extrusion Tooling and Aluminium Surface Finishing.

The seminars will be organized in a hybrid mode. Simultaneous translation will be provided (Rus/Eng). The goal is to discuss the status and trends in the development of the current aluminum extrusion market, extrusion tooling, finishing technologies, as well as to demonstrate the recent developments in the engineering science.

Specialists of QForm Group will show presentations in two sections:

June 3, 2021. EXTRUSION:

  • Topic: «Possible defects in aluminium profile extrusion. Methods of their prediction and elimination based on numerical simulation»
    Speaker: Ivan Kniazkin, Leading Engineer, QForm Group
    Abstract: This work demonstrates the practical examples where QForm – the software for numerical simulation of profile extrusion processes is used in order to verify, predict and eliminate the most common defects appearing in industry and related to both: tool design and quality of extruded profiles.

  • Topic: «Quenching of extruded profiles. Assessment of warpage of the final product based on numerical simulation»
    Speaker: Andrei Shitikov, Leading Developer, QForm Group
    Abstract: New possibilities of QForm software in terms of spray cooling of extruded profiles at the exit table are discussed in this work. Dependence of profile distortion and its mechanical properties such as hardness and tensile strength on quenching conditions is demonstrated.

    June 4, 2021. EXTRUSION TOOLING:

    • Topic: «Automated optimization of die tooling elements based on simulation»
      Speaker: Ivan Kulakov, Engineer, QForm Group
      Abstract: The work presents methods of optimization of die set by automated adjustment of bearing heights and prechamber shape in QForm Extrusion Die Designer based on the results of numerical simulation in QForm. Specifics of consequent, batch and combined optimization methods are demonstrated.