QForm UK Events in Brazil

In June, together with our distributor, 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda, we conducted an active program of events and meetings with our users and partners: QForm UK Seminar in São Paulo and The Metal Forming Congress at the Fundação Santo André University. Every QForm user meeting has its unique style. Read about how the events were held in our overview.

QForm UK Seminar in Milan, Italy

On May 31st, 2024, a QForm UK Seminar was held at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Milan. These seminars are traditional events where we share our new developments, features, programs, and development strategies. QForm UK Seminars provide an excellent platform for discussions, strengthening partnerships, and quickly solving tasks.

QForm UK users meeting in Munich, Germany

The German User Meeting 2024 took place in Germany on April 17-18. During the two-day event, we held a series of master classes and an extensive program of presentations. 36 experts from manufacturing companies were present - not only current users of QForm UK but also forming and forging developers interested in using QForm UK.


Technical University of Freiberg held the yearly MEFORM conference on 21-22 March, 2024, – the meeting point for international materials and forming/forging experts. prosymalis and GMT mbH, QForm UK distributors in Germany, attended the conference. KME, a customer of prosimalys, is a very satisfied user of QForm UK, so that they were presenting some of their simulation work on MEFORM. Mr. Kleemann demonstrated the simulation of the extremely challenging process of rotary extrusion and hollow extrusion processes with rewelding of the material. QForm UK easily simulates these process which needs a lot of stable remeshing while featuring very fine geometrical details.

QForm UK Academy news

Online school has completed the spring season! We have conducted 3 training courses and 6 thematic webinars. Our webinars were attended by 275 participants. The number of participants who participated in the courses was 137. International Students Olympiad on Metal Forming Processes continues to gain momentum! We have already received registrations from 14 countries, and we are ready to prolong the registration of universities and participants until April 5.

Overview of QForm UK Seminars in Bulgaria

QForm UK Seminars were held in Bulgaria on February 20 and 22, organized by our distributor Atanas Yordanov, SpaceCAD.

IWCC Technical Seminar 2024

The International Wrought Copper Council IWCC held their annual Technical Meeting in Milano on the 25-29 February. kme, an esteemed customers of prosimalys, invited Dr.-Ing. Hans-Willi Raedt to hold a presentation “Finite element simulation as a key enabler for the optimization of manufacturing processes in an industrial context”. The copper producing industry uses a wide spectrum of forming processes like extrusion, rolling, drawing, coining etc. All these processes benefit from the application of QForm UK for their development and optimization.

QForm UK Academy starts!

For your convenience, we have put together a schedule of webinars and courses to make it easier for you to plan your training. 

Dates, times and links for registration are already on our website.

Happy New Year!

Overview of the QForm UK Forum in Dubai

The Forum is a big event for the QForm UK community and team as it brings together researchers, manufacturers, experts, and developers from diverse countries and industries. Typically organised biennially, this time it took place in Dubai.

The QForm UK Forum in Dubai is like a big showcase of what we've been up to in the past few years. It was three jam-packed days filled with development talks, specialised sessions, and master classes. We saw lots of cool presentations sharing success stories of using QForm UK in manufacturing all around the globe. The vibe at the event was super positive and creative, whether we were diving into technical stuff or just chilling during free time. Overall, everyone thought the Forum was a big success!