Awarding of the 1st place winner of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2019
Congratulations to Mr. Taleski Tashuli from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (North Macedonia), who won the first place in the overall ranking. Mr. Taleski Tashuli was awarded with a certificate of the Olympiad winner and a special prize – powerful 15" i7 laptop.
39th SENAFOR conference took place on October 2–4, 2019 in Brazil
QForm Group has been presented in the International Forging Conference by Stanislav Kanevskiy, Regional Director with presentation of his paper «Forging technology design based on simulation».
QForm attended ICPNS’2019 on October 10–14, 2019 in Moscow, Russia
More than 100 specialists and professors of materials processing technologies from around the world took part in the event. Many of them made interesting presentations within the conference.
Forum «Simulation of forging, rolling and profile extrusion processes in QForm» took place on October 1, 2019 in Moscow, Russia
Organizers of the event are Bauman Moscow State Technical University, National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Moscow Polytech University and QuantorForm Ltd., QForm Group.
The 7th Aluminium Fabrication Seminar and Exposition was held on September 18-21, 2019 in China
QForm representative in China Mr. Hanlong Liu (Product Manager of Beijing Intelligent United Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) represented the presentation «Aluminium profile extrusion and product quality control by means of simulation». Also, this detailed paper was published in proceedings book.
39 professors from 14 universities took part in QForm summer school on 26-30 August, 2019 in Moscow
The event was attended by 39 professors of 14 universities from 3 countries: Russia, Vietnam and Egypt.
Results of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2019
The International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2019 was arranged in April by 20 Organizers in 14 countries. This year 139 students participated in the competition.
NUMIFORM 2019 conference took place on June 23-27, 2019 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
QForm has been presented in mini-symposium called “Calibration and evaluation of Stress-Based Ductile Failure Criteria” and was dedicated to a comparative analysis of different approached to ductile damage prediction in cold and hot forming processes.
Forge Fair 2019 took place on May 21–23 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
QForm first presented at Forge Fair in 1997 and in every Forge Fair since we have presented the most recent version of QForm with an emphasis on recently developed advanced features of our software and successful cases studies.
4th International Youth Conference «Magnitogorsk Rolling Practice 2019» took place on June 4-7 in Russia
More than 100 researchers attended the event, including leading specialists of metal forming industry from Europe and Asia.