QForm Online School

We organize QForm Online School for our future and current clients.

The courses are intended for employees of companies involved in the development of forging processes.

Regardless of the experience of using QForm, it will be easy for you to learn how to simulate various forging technology processes, thanks to QForm's most user-friendly interface in the market. After completing the training, you will understand how to set up data for simulation, how QForm predicts forging defects, and how to analyze other technological parameters such as the load that is required to perform the deformation.

We will supply you with a QForm Cloud license, and with our guidance you will set up the initial data for a simulation, run your own simulation and analyze the results obtained.

Our engineers have vast experience in the simulation of all kinds of metal forming processes and have trained hundreds of engineers around the world.

We are glad to invite you to participate in the introductory or basic courses which are focused on the simulation of hot bulk metal forming processes or complete individual training made special for you.

Please take a look at our nearest courses in ENGLISH:

СourseDate and TimeDurationProgramTrial licensePrice

February 2021

5 hoursPDF7 days of QForm Cloud



February 2021

2 days, 5 hours eachPDF14 days of QForm Cloud

200 EURO

Individualagreed individuallyagreed individuallyagreed individually21 days of QForm Cloud

400 EURO/per day


When choosing a Basic course, a Beginner course as a gift!

To participate in the training, please choose a course and fill in the form below: