Scientific consulting in the field of development and optimization of production technologies.

QForm specialists have a significant experience in simulation, development, and optimization of forging, aluminium and magnesium profile extrusion and ring rolling processes. We offer services on development of production technologies in close co-operation with our QForm customer support technology centres.

We use modern software which allows considering many forging variants at the design phase of production technologies while saving materials, energy, labour and time during production engineering of new parts. Development of die tools and die sets is performed in computer-aided design (CAD) software, such as SpaceClaim, SolidWorks etc. All technologies developed are verified and analysed using finite-element simulation software QForm, QForm Extrusion, QForm Ring Rolling, QExDD.

We provide development of production technologies and design documentation for hot die forging, sheet-metal forming, thin-walled aluminium profiles extrusion processes, ring and wheel rolling, rolling mills.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Simulation of the existing forging technologies and other metal forming processes:
    • Development of recommendations for improvement of the existing production technology.
    • Simulation-based optimization of the production technology with subsequent adjustments of the design documentation.
    • Research works on materials and lubricants testing, inversion analysis and enhancement models of production processes.
  • Development of forging, rolling or extrusion process according to drawings of the part required:
    • Simulation-based development of production technology.
    • Development of die tooling and design documentation for production of tools and preproduction engineering of forging on existing equipment.
  • Complete production cycle development of detail from the process engineering to test forging:
    • Production technology development on the basis of detail drawings.
    • Manufacturing of die tooling.
    • Performing of test forging using own facilities of the QForm technical centres with subsequent implementation and adjustment to your production facilities.
    • Selecting of all necessary equipment for implementation and automation of forging processes.
  • Forging of production batches on the partners' production facilities.

We propose to order the above-mentioned works in our company. Please, send us your technical design specification with 3D models, drawings and diagrams applied for fast negotiation. We may propose the 2-stage organization of work with the demonstration of basic simulation results to the Customer and subsequent reviewing of technical design specification to perform the second variant of simulation or elaboration of a production process.