We organize unique training in the fields of forging technologies, processes simulation, optimization, research and design in metal forming.

We have over 25 years of experience, not only in the development of metal forming software, but also in the application of training courses. The QForm developer has a long history of cooperation with universities and R&D centers all over the world that has helped us to create very effective training programs for each type of production with specialists from various companies.

Our goal is to provide training at highest level to achieve optimal results. Courses are taught by highly educated and very skilled engineers.

Most of our trainers have degrees in technical metal forming technologies and have years of experience solving different kinds of production problems. They are experts at implementing new technologies working with QForm software and are fully prepared for training and solving any participants’ needs.

A unique training opportunity is the theoretical lecture series based on the 4th QForm manual given by Prof. PhD Andrey V. Vlasov - Bauman Moscow State Technical University. This 2-day lecture course describes the theoretical basis of plastic deformation and Finite Element Method approach. The second part of this course describes specific features of FEM implementation in QForm software as well as features of our Fully Adaptive Mesh generator including; algorithms of thermal, mechanical, plastic, elastic and elastic-visco-plastic task calculations; friction models and so on. The course also describes all simulation parameters and their influence on simulation accuracy and speed.

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