DATE: 5-7 October 2022
PLACE: Continental Hotel Events Center, Largo Vespasiano Julio Veppo, 77 Center, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil

41st SENAFOR involved:

  • 25th International Forging Conference
  • 24th National Sheet Forming Conference / 11th International Sheet Forming Conference / 8th BrDDRG Congress
  • 11th International Conference on Materials and Processes for Renewable Energies

After two years of pause, SENAFOR is once again committed to preparing live conferences. The organizers are looking to give special emphasis to Industry 4.0, precision forging, screws and fastening, stamping and forging, technological innovation and optimization.

QForm contributes to 9 of 25 papers that will be presented at 25th International Forging Conference.
Thanks to Prof. Alisson S. Duarte, 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda, the co-author of several reports, for his contribution to the scientific world.
We invite you to take part in the exhibition, listen to reports and visit QForm booth during the conference.

Topics of reports:

  • Strain rate influence on cold forging die performance
  • Extruded aluminum profile simulation analysis
  • Cracking analysis in a forged gear
  • Hot forging die wear and fatigue study
  • Economic factors in forging die analysis
  • A six hours methodology for an Axisymmetric forging design
  • Degree of deformation versus microhardness of an AISI 1010 cold forged steel
  • Use of computer simulation as a tool to assist in a crosshead hot forging
  • Analysis of bends and their correction in hot forged flanges through the Finite Element Method