QForm UK Seminar. Bangalore

QForm UK Seminar. Bangalore
13 June, start at 09:00

Numerical simulation of metal forming processes

QForm Group and DDS company as the official distributor of QForm UK software in India used for simulation of forging, forming, extrusion and rolling processes invite you to attend a meeting related to the simulation of metal forming processes.
During the seminar a new developed automated geometry design system for preliminary forging which name is Direct will be shown. Preforming operations design obtained in the Direct makes it possible to avoid problems in the metal flow for various forging companies and reach a new fast level of the technological processes design, get away from the traditional practical trial-and-error method.

Location: 54B/55A, Hosur Main Road, Electronics City, Ph-I, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560100, India

Time: start at 09:00

Participation fee: FREE

Preliminary program

09.00 Welcome speech
09.15 Forging simulations in QForm UK
Paul Mordvintsev, QForm Group
10:00 QForm industrial experience in India
Dhiraj Mishra, DDS
10.30 Automated design of preforming dies in QForm Direct
Paul Mordvintsev, QForm Group

Lunch 11.00 to 12.00

12.00 Quick prototyping and problem solving using simulation tools
Dr Vasant Khisty, Sammy Consulting
12.20 Aluminium forgings
Mr. Kiran N., Sansera Engineering Ltd.
12.40 Ommi Forge industrial experience with QForm+Direct
Mr. Vishwajit Anil, Director of Ommi Forge Pvt. Ltd.