QForm Seminar in the UK, 3rd December 2009

QForm User Group Meeting and new Technology Seminar

Micas Simulations Limited and QuantorForm Limited invite you to take part in the QForm 2009 User Group Meeting and new Technology Seminar which will take place in the Brooks Room at the Confederation of British Metalforming on the Thursday 3rd December 2009

The Seminar is focused on the latest advances in simulation software development and the experience of its practical implementation in production of the most critical parts for aerospace and automotive industries. It also gives the state of the art about ongoing research in metal forming and heat treatment simulation carried out by QuantorForm Ltd. and GMT Berlin mbH

The seminar is intended for technical managers, die designers, metallurgists and other specialists of metal forming industry. It is focused on the ways to increase profitability of metal forming by means of using of the latest QForm development and technology of numerical simulation.

Whilst at this stage the agenda is not finalised into timeslots, Registration & Refreshments will commence at 10.00 am and the first presentation will start at 10.30am with a break for lunch at about 12.30pm. The afternoon session will commence at about 1.30pm and close at about 4.00pm. There will be a coffee/tea break during the morning and afternoon. The formal agenda will be issued in a few days.

The presentation topics are:

  1. Recent development of QForm2D/3D current release 5.1 and this will include new facilities initiated by the demands of aerospace and automotive industry.
    Presentation by Dr. Nikolai Biba
  2. QForm - Microstructure and QForm - Heat Treatment Modules - simulation for product properties control.
    Presentation by Dr. Alexander Borowikow (GMT Berlin mbH) and Doris Wehage (GMT Berlin mbH)
  3. QForm - Extrusion – Whilst this is a specialist module for Aluminum, Brass etc. extrusion we will briefly outline how this module works.
    Presentation by Dr. Nikolai Biba
  4. Experience of the forging technology development and optimization with the help of simulation.
    Individual Presentations
  5. Future prospects of the simulation software development.
    Presentation by Dr. Nikolai Biba

The meeting will close with “round the table” questions and comments by participants and discussion on any suggested additions or changes that may enhance the QForm Simulation, Heat Treatment or Micro Structure Modules.

CBM, National Metalforming Centre