New version of QForm VX has been released

Prediction of material flow defect in QForm by unique algorithm "Gartfield"

New version QForm VX 8.2 has been released. This version is the next step of development of QForm VX software which contains a lot of new features.

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We have two the most interesting features in the new QForm software version:

  • New Heat Treatment simulation module. The module has integration with JMatPro (Sente Software) software and material properties can be imported to QForm from this software. Also, special feature to simulate heat treatment by sprayers which can be useful for simulation of aluminium profiles cooling has been developed
  • Gartfield. Advanced material flow analysis by Gartfield algorithm available in QForm only, for prediction of different surface material flow defects. Test it free!

Except of these two new features a lot of enhancements and improvements are made for general metal forming, ring rolling and extrusion simulation.

Some of new features of this release:

    Prediction of the ring shape in QForm
  • Shape rolling module. The module is made for companies who work in rolling industry. In this module simulation speed of basic rolling process is much faster than with using of general forming module
  • Tool fatigue failure analysis which helps to predict number of forgings before die crack
  • New electric upsetting module
  • Direct import of *.step geometry files to QForm. Fully automatic mesh by one click
  • Automatic generation of technical reports based on the user's template
  • Process templates for even faster setting up of initial data
  • Possibility to set number of cores using for simulation
  • New formula for defining flow stress data
  • Improved and simplified work with screenshots from the QForm software
  • More possibilities for programming in QForm

Some of new features in Ring Rolling:

  • Ring rolling simulation takes into account table level
  • Main roll can have not constant rotation speed now
  • Basic improvements in calculation algorithms

Some of new features in Extrusion:

  • Improved algorithms of our unique coupled task
  • Special messages to control critical die deflection
  • New velocity deviation field

And other basic improvements and enhancements of the calculation algorithms and the interface.

Heat treatment simulation of connection rod in QFormPrediction of tool fatigue failure of the die for gear forging in QForm