QForm Seminar took place on 15 February 2019 in Taiwan

QForm seminar took place on 15 February 2019 in Taichung. The seminar was organized together by QForm Group and Piovision International Inc., QForm partner in Taiwan. The event was dedicated to upcoming release of new QForm software version and discussion about forging and extrusion technologies design based on simulation.

During the first half of the seminar Marlon Ho described added values of simulation in QForm and described important aspects of QForm implementation at forging plants. Also, some successful stories from customers were shown by him. 

During the second part of the seminar Stanislav Kanevskiy presented some advanced information about QForm software including competitive advantages of QForm, described some unique algorithms developed by QForm development team for fast and effective simulation of forging and extrusion technologies. Another presentation was about new features of upcoming release of QForm 9 describing the most important new developments. 

Marlon Ho talking about some processes simulated in QFormStanislav Kanevskiy describing QForm highly adaptive automatic mesh generator

We are very thankful to Professor Yiin-Kuen Fuh from Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University who made a presentation about his researches of some new technologies for forging of cutting part of Ratcheting Cable Cutter. The part has very complicated shape with a lot of small cogs what makes simulation quite complicated from the meshing point of view. But thanks to highly adaptive meshing and modern simulation algorithms, QForm has shown fast simulation performance comparing to competitors. So, QForm saved a lot of time to develop successfully new production technology to increase tool lifetime.