QForm Extrusion Webinar in collaboration with AEC. 9th September, 2020

Quality control of extruded profiles: possible defects and methods of their prediction and elimination

The webinar is dedicated to control and enhancement of quality of the extruded profiles using the simulation as an optimization tool. It includes balancing of the material flow to get a straight profile after the bearings, control of a profile shape and dimensions that may vary even within extrusion of one billet depending on deformation of a die set and cooling conditions.

The quality of seam welds, possible streaking lines, non-filled zones in profiles also can be evaluated and improved.

Finally, the microstructure evolution and heat treatment of the profile can be simulated to estimate the mechanical properties and improve them by means of controlling the cooling conditions.

Systematic implementation of the proposed approach provides significant increase of profiles quality and brings economic benefits.

Date: 9th September 2020.


1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Central time (USA)

7:30 to 8:45 p.m. BST

20:30 to 21:45 CET

Organizer: Aluminum Extruders Council/ET Foundation

Participation fee: FREE


QForm speakerNikolay Biba, Managing Director, MICAS Simulations Ltd., UKIntroduction in an extrusion simulation

Scientific expert

Luca Tomesani, Full professor of mechanical technology and manufacturing science, Università di Bologna, Italy

Charge welds defect predictability with QForm Extrusion

Industrial expert

Mihael Čretnik, mag. inž. str., Researcher, Extruded Products, Impol Group, Slovenia

Reducing defects in aluminium extrusion with QForm

Extrusion simulation

Ivan Kniazkin, Leading Engineer, QForm Group

Possible defects in aluminium profile extrusion. Methods of their prediction and elimination


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