42nd Senafor in Brazil, October 4-6, 2023

42nd Senafor was held in Brazil from 4-6 October.
Stanislav Kanevskiy and Andrei Potapov, QForm Group, Ricardo Antonio Micheletti Viana and Prof. Dr Alisson Duarte, Sixpro Virtual&Practical Process, were happy to meet with users and answer any questions they may have.

A total of 11 papers based on QForm simulation were presented by different companies.

Here are some of the topics of the reports:

  • From Steel Plants to Forging Companies: Cases using QForm UK 
    Alisson Duarte (UFMG-SIXPRO) Belo Horizonte-MG
  • Grain Size Evolution and Controlled Cooling focused on the Forged Part Mechanical Resistance – a First Analysis  
    Guilherme O. Goulart (MAXIFORJA / PUCRS – Canoas RS); João V. do Carmo e Luiz L. T. Vaughan (UNIFEI); José A. G. de Souza (UTFPR); Alisson S. Duarte (SIXPRO Virtual&Practical Process – Belo Horizonte MG)
  • Forging Preform 3D Print from FE Simulations Results 
    Felipe S. Oliveira, Nicholas Beggs (ARCO Forjado – São Paulo); Alisson S. Duarte (SIXPRO Virtual&Practical Process – Belo Horizonte/ MG)
  • Die Life Increasing in a Hot Forging Cube Part Assistet by FE Simulation 
    Felipe S. Oliveira, Nicholas Beggs (ARCO Forjado – São Paulo/SP); Alisson S. Duarte (SIXPRO – Belo Horizonte -SP)
  • Computational analysis of the Polakowski Method for the cold compression testing of metals without the effect of friction between the workpiece and the dies 
    Olavo Carvalho Haase, Adriano Amâncio Trajano, Alisson Duarte da Silva, Maria Teresa Paulino Aguiar e Paulo Roberto Cetlin (UFMG) Belo Horizonte - MG
  • Bar Drawing Influence on Hardness of Forged Parts – an Integrated Analysis of the Process 
    Darlan V. Bayão, Túlio C. Nogueira, Geraldo M. M. e Ferreira Ana Luísa C. Barcelos (ArcelorMittal, Sabará-MG); Ermani V. O. Lima, Mariana M. da Silveira (ArcelorMittal, Monlevade-MG); Ricardo A. M. Viana, Rodrigo R. Lobenwein, Alisson S. Duarte (SIXPRO Virtual&Practical Process, Sabará-MG); Tiago N. Chalinski, Jones J. Ott, Guilherme S. Rolim, Wagner S. Soares, Rafael C. Gomes, Jói S. Theis, Allan G.Waskow, Roger F. da Silva, Douglas Martinazzi  (Viemar Automotive)
  • Void Elimination in Steel Billets through Upsetting 
    Pedro L. F. Perdigão, Renato C. dos Santos, Taíse Azevedo, Alisson S. Duarte e Pedro Henrique R. Pereira ((DEMET, UFMG / AÇOFORJA Brasil)
  • Fatigue Cracking Prediction in Cold Forging Die 
    Nicolas S. Machado (Ciser – Joinville - SC); Alisson S. Duarte (Sixpro -Belo Horizonte -MG)
  • Simulation-Driven Design for Metal Forming Processes: Advancements, Case Studies, and Future Perspectives
    Stanislav Kanevskiy (QForm Group FZ LLC - United Arab Emirates); Nikolay Biba (Micas Simulation – UK); Andrey Vlasov e Jiawei Gu (Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Alisson S. Duarte, SIXPRO Virtual&Practical Process

Darlan V. BayãoDarlan V. Bayão and Tiago N. Chalinski


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