XLI. Colloquium on Metal Forming 2023

XLI. Colloquium on Metal Forming 18-21 March 2023 Zauchensee, Austria

Colloquium in Zauhensee is a very special event that allows gathering the community of scientists in the field of metal forming in an informal atmosphere of a beautiful ski resort. It is traditionally organised by Montan University in March. The event covers all aspects and kinds of metal-forming technology including forging, rolling, extrusion, microstructure evolution and others. This year Dr Nikolay Biba presented a paper summarising the experience of the newest development done by QForm Group in technological process design based on simulation. Three different automated process design systems were presented, i.e. QForm Direct for forging preform design, QExDD for extrusion dies design and QForm Kaliber for roll pass design. The presented research has ignited the interest of the audience and a vivid discussion.