QForm UK Seminar in Milan, Italy

On May 31st, 2024, a QForm UK Seminar was held at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Milan. These seminars are traditional events where we share our new developments, features, programs, and development strategies. QForm UK Seminars provide an excellent platform for discussions, strengthening partnerships, and promptly resolving tasks.

Modern technologies, including simulation technologies, are based on the knowledge and experience of the past, so the choice of location for the seminar was not accidental. The seminar was held in the atmosphere of a famous Italian factory, where production is unimaginable without the use of forging technologies.

During the presentation session, Nikolay Biba presented QForm UK Direct and discussed joint development projects. Anton Leonidov described and demonstrated updates and new features of the recently released QForm 11 version, as well as presented the topics “Simulation of metal forming process based on QForm UK” and “Material flow optimization and defect analysis”. During the presentation, the issues of PC parameters selection for optimization of calculation speed were also discussed.

The session of reports concluded with an inspiring tour of the Alfa Romeo car museum. The museum showcases models that demonstrate how technology transforms into art, with millions of shades of glossy red and dozens of car models.

Alfa Romeo is an Italian company renowned for producing sporty cars. Founded on June 24, 1910, in Milan as A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili), it was renamed Alfa Romeo in 1918 after Nicola Romeo took control of the company. 

The Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, envisioned by Giuseppe Luraghi, opened on December 18, 1976, within the former Arese factory area near the Centro Direzionale. The museum spans six levels and covers an area of 4,800 m². After being closed to the public since February 2011, it reopened on June 30, 2015. Alfa Romeo owns 250 cars and 150 historic engines. Of these, 110 models, 25 car engines, and 15 aircraft engines are on display at the Arese Museum, which has at least one example of every car ever produced by the Biscione company. The museum's collection includes mass-produced cars, racing models, prototypes, and concept cars, with 60 percent still in working order. Many of these cars are unique.

We hope that the seminar was not only informative but also inspiring. It is gratifying to realize that in the modern world, QForm UK directly contributes to the creation and refinement of technologies, allowing ideas to be turned into real parts, mechanisms, and machines without extra costs and unprofitable experiments. 

We hope that this touch of history and tradition will inspire the creation of new solutions, programs, and technologies, not only for us but also for our users.

We thank Dr. Ubaldo Panzone, MONTEROSA ADVISORY SAGL, for the idea for the Seminar and the great organization of the event!