QForm UK users meeting in Munich, Germany

The German User Meeting 2024 took place in Germany on April 17-18. During the two-day event, we held a series of master classes and an extensive program of presentations. 36 experts from manufacturing companies were present - not only current users of QForm UK but also forming and forging developers interested in using QForm UK.

Comment by Dr. H.-W. Raedt, CEO of prosymalis GmbH, organizer of the event: “QForm UK has a strong and growing presence in the German market! And we have a number of convinced and loyal users. This manifested itself in four presentations by experts who showed the most interesting developments supported by the application of QForm UK”

Dr. Artem Alimov, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, GermanyDr. H.-W. Raedt, CEO of prosymalis GmbH

The evening was also fast-paced: Head-to-head races on the Carrera track, a tour of the luxury cars in Motorworld, and a Bavarian style dinner rounded off the user meeting in these exclusive surroundings.

Thanks to Dr. H.-W. Raedt, as well as Sarah Cory-Raedt and Ralf Böhl (prosymalis GmbH), Dr Nickolay Biba (Micas Simulations Limited), and Dmitry Gerasimov (QForm Group) for organizing and making the event a success.

Dr Nickolay Biba, Micas Simulations LimitedDmitry Gerasimov, QForm Group, and Dr. H.-W. Raedt, CEO of prosymalis GmbH