16 March 2024
QForm UK Extrusion introductory course

QForm UK Extrusion is a state-to-the-art simulation software that is widely used by prominent die makers and extruders since 2005. It provides advanced material flow analysis and balancing, tool life prediction, helps to eliminate defects of the profiles and reduces the material waste. Now we invite specialists to join our practical training course on simulation of extrusion processes that also includes 7 days of QForm UK Extrusion Cloud trial and training materials. 

16 March 2024
QForm UK Longitudinal Rolling Introductory course

Join our training course to learn about rolling simulation in QForm UK and automated roll pass design with QKaliber. The online training also includes 7 days of QForm UK Cloud trial and training materials. 

13-14 March 2024
UKH, Hannover, Germany

The UKH Hannover Colloquium for forging and forming will take place on March 13 and 14. prosimalys GmbH, our distributor in Germany, will hold a presentation about QForm UK Direct – a tool for automatic generation of forging stages which can save a lot of cost and time in the development of forging sequences. prosimalys GmbH was invited to this event by the host, Professor Behrens, to present the groundbreaking capabilities of QForm UK Direct.

5 March 2024
Webinar: QForm UK 11 Extrusion capabilities overview

Our experts will demonstrate new simulation capabilities and features in version QForm UK Extrusion 11. This webinar is intended for aluminium extrusion engineers who use QForm UK Extrusion or are considering using simulation software. You will find out what new features and options have been added and redesigned. 

29 February 2024
QForm UK Online Introductory Course

February 29 at 9am to 2pm (CET Berlin)

26-28 February 2024
FIA Open Die & Ring Rolling Conference

The FIA Open Die & Ring Rolling Conference will held at Houston, Texas, USA. This dual-track conference will include basics training, a networking reception and happy hour, table top exhibits and a plant tour of Ameriforge Group. QForm UK Team will present the new version of QForm 11 software and the new QKaliber CAD system for developing and enhancing rolling processes for long products and section profiles.

20 and 22 February 2024
QForm UK Seminars. Bulgaria

QForm Group and SpaceCAD Ltd. company as the official distributor of QForm UK software in Bulgaria used for simulation of forging, forming, extrusion and rolling processes invite you to attend a meeting related to the simulation of metal forming processes.

13 February 2024
Webinar. QForm UK 11 + QKaliber: New capabilities in longitudinal rolling simulation

Join our free webinar on February 13, 2024 at 10:00 am (CET, Berlin) to learn about rolling simulation in QForm UK and automated roll pass design with QKaliber.

6 February 2024
Webinar. Sheet Metal Forming simulation in QForm UK 11

Join our free webinar on February 6, 2024 at 10:00 am (CET, Berlin). In our webinar, we'll talk about the main features developed in previous versions and new capabilities of QForm UK 11.

5 February 2024
Webinar. Metal forming simulations with automated design of dies in QForm UK Direct

QForm UK Direct is a new software for automated design of hot forging preforming dies. QForm UK Direct makes it possible to create a 3D model of the preforming dies for bulk forging processes and import the geometry into QForm UK to verify the result. The principle of QForm UK Direct is simple: the final die geometry should be loaded into the program and the required parameters set. Designed 3d-models can easily be imported into the general QForm UK module to check the process. On our webinar we’ll cover the principal aspects of QForm UK Direct, show the methods on which the construction of preforming dies is based and demonstrate how easy and simple it is to design preforming dies.