Webinar: QForm 10 new interface capabilities

Join our free webinar on September 23, 2021 at 11:00 (CET, Berlin)
«QForm 10 new interface capabilities

Join our first webinar dedicated to the new features and capabilities of the recently released QForm 10 that got many interface improvements and new simulation capabilities. During this webinar, we will consider only interface improvements.

Within an hour, you will learn new interface capabilities according to the following points:

  • New navigation and viewing of the simulation results
  • Right mouse button improvements
  • New field scale
  • Improvements in Animations and images window
  • Improvements in initial geometry preparation
  • New License control possibilities 
  • Other improvements


Ivan Lishniy, Regional Director of QForm Group

    Event start: 11:00 (CET, Berlin)
    Duration: 60 min
    Language: English
    Participation fee: FREE

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