QForm UK Events in Brazil

In June, together with our distributor, 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda, we conducted an active program of events and meetings with our users and partners.

June 17. QForm UK Seminar. São Paulo, Brazil

Every QForm user meeting has its unique style. The seminar held in Brazil on June 17 was filled with informative presentations, lively discussions, and exchanges of experience with highly qualified QForm UK users.

PhD., Professor Alisson Duarte, our distributor in Brazil, organized the seminar with a rich program of presentations by both our specialists and program users. The seminar was conducted in a hybrid format, with speakers presenting both offline and online. The warm and active interaction among participants helped create an inspiring and energetic atmosphere for everyone.

Vitaly Belugin presented and discussed our programs, which are of great interest to users worldwide – CAD system for the development and improvement of rolling processes for long products and section profiles QKaliber and the CAD system for die design of preform dies QForm UK Direct.

It was a pleasure to see Andre Mondadori, a student from UFES and the winner of the national stage of the Students Olympiad on Metal Forming Processes in Brazil, present at the seminar. Andre was awarded a diploma and prizes as the Olympiad winner. We congratulate Andre and wish him success on the International stage!

June 18-19. The Metal Forming Congress

The Metal Forming Congress took place at the Fundação Santo André University. At the congress, our team presented several reports.

Vitaly Belugin’s presentation, "Cold Forming Simulations and Tool Life Analysis in QForm UK," will be published in PARAFUSO magazine. The presentation highlighted practical cases comparing simulation results with experimental results, including the use of damage models for determining workability limits in workpieces, predicting tool damage, and estimating tool life (low-cycle fatigue). Key aspects of cold forming processes were also demonstrated, such as the coupled simulation of elastic-plastic deformation of the workpiece and tool, as well as cyclic tool heating.

The congress also covered topics such as "Metal Flow Optimization and Defects Analysis" and "Sheet Forming Simulations."

Presentations by the 6pro team included 'Designing the Forging of Fasteners with the Aid of Simulation,' 'Springback Compensation Techniques in the Stamping Process,' reports on methods of integrating CAD/MES/ERP systems, and how QForm seminars are conducted.

We thank 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda for the great organization of the events!