QForm UK Seminar in Bilbao, Spain

QForm UK Seminar for QForm users was held on March 31 in Bilbao, Spain. The event was attended by representatives of manufacturing plants and universities.

Andrei Potapov, Head of Technical Support Department, QForm Group, presented the new features of QForm version 10.2.4 and showed the new QForm Direct module.

QForm Direct makes it possible to create a 3D model of the preliminary dies for bulk forging processes and import the geometry into QForm to verify the result. The principle of QForm Direct is simple: the final die geometry should be loaded into the program and the required parameters set. Designed 3d-models can easily be imported into general QForm module to check the process.

After the presentations, time for answering user questions and personal conversations was available.

The seminar was organized together with Monterosa Advisory Sagl, QForm UK representative in Spain and Italy, and with the support of the Spanish stamping association SIFE and president of SIFE Luis Minguela. Especially thanks Ubaldo Panzone for coordination and Mauro Berard for assistance with translations.

The next QForm UK Seminar for users will be taken place on 31 May in Krakow, Poland.