QForm UK Academy news

1. Online school has completed the spring season! We have conducted 3 training courses and 6 thematic webinars. Our webinars were attended by 275 participants. The number of participants who participated in the courses was 137. We remind you that we have individual training, where we can not only show you how to simulate in QForm UK, but also solve examples of your case in production. For questions about individual training, please email [email protected]
We are closing our spring season of QForm UK Online School and look forward to seeing you at our webinars in the summer. Stay tuned and subscribe to our social networks.

2. International Students Olympiad on Metal Forming Processes continues to gain momentum!
We have already received registrations from 14 countries, and we are ready to prolong the registration of universities and participants until April 5. To participate, please email us at [email protected]. The Olympiad-2024 will be held in three sections:
1. Hot Bulk Forging
2. Extrusion
New! 3. Rolling
Read  the Olympiad-2023 overview and the winners' reports here.

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