QForm Extrusion Die Designer (QExDD) is an automated system for 3D creation of dies, mandrels and other parts of the tooling set for extrusion of aluminum hollow and solid profiles. This system helps create the solid model of a tooling set step-by-step using special parametric design tools. The user controls the design process by specifying the geometry and basic dimensions of the model. This automated design process is several times faster than conventional die design. Since the routine part of the work is automated by the software, the user can concentrate his attention on more important tasks. QForm Extrusion Die Designer provides the highest quality solid models that can be used for simulation in our QForm Extrusion simulation program. If the simulation shows some problems with the material flow then any kind of alteration of the die design can be easily implemented in the die model and re-simulated. This makes the simulation and analysis of a designed die set much faster and more effective.

Special Bearing Editor embedded in QExDDParametric model of die set created in QExDD

QExDD performs the following tasks:

  • Fast and accurate creation of parametric model of die set
  • Bearing calibration in a special editor
  • Creation of the highest quality solid models that then can be used for simulation in QForm Extrusion

QExDD has been developed as a plug-in to the popular CAD system ANSYS SpaceClaim that itself is based on a very effective and novel concept of direct modelling. Thus, the combined use of both QExDD and QForm Extrusion systems significantly increases the productivity of die designer and virtually eliminates the need of die corrections.

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