Published Author Title
2016 Nikolay Biba Using the simulation to reduce the risk of fatigue cracks in forging dies Download
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2016 Andrij Milenin, Piotr Kustra, Dorota Byrska-Wójcik, Bartłomiej Plonka, Veronika Petráňová, Vladimír Hrbek, Jiří Němeček Numerical Optimization and Practical Implementation of the Tube Extrusion Process of Mg Alloys with Micromechanical Analysis of the Final Product Download
2016 Dmitry Gerasimov, Nikolay Biba, Sergei Stebunov, Maksim Kadach Implementation of a Dual Mesh Method for Longitudinal Rolling in QForm V8 Download
2016 MIŁEK Tomasz The Effect of Equivalent Strain on Punch Load for Cold Backward Extrusion of Copper Cans Download
2016 Nikolay Biba, Sergey Stebunov, Andrey Lishny Automated Extrusion Die Design Integrated with Simulation Download
2016 Mikhail A. Petrov, Alexander N. Petrov, Pavel A. Petrov Numerical Investigation of the Material Behaviour during Compression Tests for Samples with Rough Surfaces Represented in Different Geometry Scale Factors Download
2016 C. Bandini, B. Reggiani, L. Donati, L. Tomesani Development and Validation of a Dynamic and Static Recrystallization Model for Microstructural Prediction of AA6060 Aluminum Alloy with QForm Download
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2015 Nikolay Biba, Sergey Stebunov, Andrey Lishny, Alexey Duzhev Automated extrusion die design integrated with simulation of material flow Download
2015 Nikolay Biba, Alexey Vlasov, Sergei Stebunov, Alexander Maximov An Approach to Simulation of Flow Forming Using Elastic-Visco-Plastic Material Model Download
2014 Nick Biba, Sergie Stebunov, Tom Ellinghausen Advanced Simulation Software is Essential for Fastener Manufacturing Download
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2014 O. Bylya, N. Biba, A. Vlasov, R. Vasin The analysis of different damage accumulation models for simulation of hot and warm working of alfa+beta titanium alloys Download
2013 Tom Ellinghausen The Revolution of Simulation Software Development Download
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2013 Nikolay Biba QForm 7: forging competitive advantages Download