Olympiad 2018

The International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2018 was arranged in April by 21 Organizers in 16 countries. This year 115 students participated in the competition.

Competition between students in hot bulk forging section consisted of the following steps: students got a drawing of an axisymmetric part after machining and designed the hot forged part and die impression for the final forging, determined the necessary technological chain for its manufacturing and then simulated the proposed forging process. Simulation was performed in QForm software for estimation and verification of the developed technology.

We have collected all Olympiad results from Scientific Committee members.
In the table below you can see the final ranking.

Hot bulk forging

Final results:

You can find works including .qform files performed by the Olympiad winners here:

In the Olympiad students could choose alternative task for developing technological process of hollow aluminium profile extrusion. In the Extrusion section students got a drawing of an overall dimensions of final profile (tube), designed full extrusion die set, determined extrusion process parameters and then simulated the process in QForm Extrusion software for estimation and verification of the developed technology. After that, the students had to prepare final reports.

We are glad to share final results based on jury rating.

Extrusion section

Final results:

Students of mechanical engineering are welcome to participate in the Olympiad 2019 which will be held in April around the world.